a rooftop wedding

Looking for a beautiful venue for your wedding? Look up! A rooftop can be a wonderful place to hold a wedding ceremony and/or reception. These are some ideas on how to plan a beautiful wedding with a view.
Why get married on a rooftop? The view! Many roof venues overlook a marvelous vista. In the country, you will see fields, and flowers, and perhaps a river or mountains. In the city, a rooftop wedding is especially nice in the evening, when the view will be lit up with thousands of twinkling lights below. Another reason to look for an elevated site in the city is that they may be your best bet to get a clear view of the blue sky above. In addition, most cities have rooftops which boast beautiful gardens - sort of like a little slice of paradise hidden in the concrete jungle.
One of the first things to consider when looking at roof venues is the environment around it. It is an outside wedding, and you want to make sure that your little paradise will not be disrupted by the sounds of a busy highway below or a steady stream of airplanes above. Spend some time at each potential venue at the same time of day you would have your ceremony or reception start to get a good feel for what will be going on in the area at that time. Also take into consideration how windy the spot is and if there will be adequate shade on a hot sunny day.
If you opt to have your ceremony on a roof, set up your altar fairly close to one edge so that your guests will see the stunning backdrop behind you as you exchange your vows. It is easy to create an aisle, simply by the way in which you arrange the chairs for ceremony seating. When having a ceremony in a location with no altar or obvious focal point, it is important to create one to draw the eye. In a Jewish wedding, there will be a chuppah, which will serve that purpose. For couples of other faiths or secular ceremonies, there are plenty of other great options. You could stand on a platform with tall potted trees on each side. Or cover an arbor with flowers and greenery for a rooftop garden wedding. Another idea is to suspend a piece of beautiful fabric behind the altar space with a table in front to define the area.